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Clarisse Mc'Clellan's Daughter

Gone for exclusive story, not Edwardian adventuressing.

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just call me Luna Lovegood
18 September 1984
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Heyla, folken! If that's not a surefire way to tell it's me, I don't know what is. :)

First off:
Help end world hunger

Right, then. I'm a self-proclaimed harmless eccentric who left a small town in a hurry and took flight for the bright lights of Madison, I'd still count myself a fairly recent university graduate (three years and counting and yes, I miss it, I've been a shameless sci-fi/fantasy nut for something like fifteen years, and I'm generally known for one *quirky* taste in everything from music to food to prospective career. Hellooooo run-on sentence! :) Described in a handful of words and phrases, I'd be something like... green as can be radio journalist, SouConer now and forever and darn what the server says, Millimun, gigantic, nearly shameless science fiction and fantasy geek, major oldtime radio fan, multiple variety synaesthete, literature, language and history nerd, budding gardener girl (heh, budding), apprentice catlady, socialist (more like social/liberal Democrat, if this were Europe), American liberal, social and political activist, and proudly out bisexual. Oh, and just so you know, I'm not at all shy about my views on any of those last four subjects, especially where politics and homophobia collide. Whew, but that's a lot of words and phrases! There should be one more on that list. In the words of my father: Chatty Kathy. Ahem.

Also, just for info, I am totally blind for all intents and purposes. I'm completely comfortable sharing any and all blindness-related details, so if anyone's curious about any references that might be made, feel free and ask me. On a related subject, the cute cream-colored fuzzball in one of my icons is my guide dog, Bosco the mellow yellow lab. As of this profile update, he's eleven years old and semi-retired but still working well. *snuggles him*

I do have a tendency to post more than my share of fiction, kitty cat spam, geekery and signal-boosted links, among many other things. Ye be warned. Any fiction will be marked with the 'scribble' tag and placed under an lj-cut, the better to let anyone who'd rather avoid being spammed do so. Now I've got over my wariness of the tag system, most other things have a tag too. Check my tags page for a list, and take note: Charlie in Dairyland refers to events specific to my life in Wisconsin. Being a lady bluerider is an orientation tag, and if you get the lady bluerider reference, you've probably played a Pern MU* too. Feeble strength of one (wiunion) is both a quote from Solidarity Forever and a reference to the ongoing Wisconsin protests (darn right I've been in the thick of them), and 1992 is an original fic universe.

If anyone gets my journal's subtitle, I'll salute them with a celery stick. Understanding the journal's primary title will get you saluted with a library book, and will likely result in me clunking myself in the head in the process. Oops? :)

Oh, and...

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